about me

In my work I am exploring how memories change over the course of time. I find inspiration in man-made and natural surfaces that have been subjected to various processes of ageing and decay. Most recently I was fortunate to visit Iceland where I found an abundance of inspiring landscapes and places that sparked my interest in geological processes.


Another source of inspiraton is my admiration and constant exploration of ancient crafts and I aim to combine traditional and modern techniques in ways that reflect my desire to create beautiful and interesting pieces.


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2009    “Glasss”, Louisa Wessels, Miriam Steeger,



2011    “Glasss2”, Miriam Steeger,



2013    “Glasss3”, Miriam Steeger,



2014    “1000 beads”, Kristina Logan, Lark Crafts,


2017    "The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange #2", Olga Raben

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