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  • Sandra Bornemann

Chapel in blue

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Tonbridge, UK, make sure to visit the little chapel of Tudeley. It is the only church in the world to have all windows done by Marc Chagall.

On the day of our visit the weather was extraordinarily sunny and bright. Just the right conditions to bring out all the wonderful colours. As an additional treat we were lucky to meet the curator and historian, Patricia Dunkin Wedd, who generously spend a whole hour with us explaining the windows and their creation. She told us that the the raw glass had been produced in Germany and was then transported to a workshop in France. Due to the fact that the colour palette was very limited, the workshop had to find a way in which to create the various shades that Chagall had requested. This was done by layering the different base colours and fusing them into new sheets. After that the leaded windows were finished according to Marc Chagall's sketches and the artist would paint on his designs. The windows were installed between the years 1967 and 1985.

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