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  • Sandra Bornemann

Colour inspiration of another kind..

Looking into the garden this morning we had the usual feathered guests...

Well, there was a new "face" that we didn't know... Have you ever seen a blackbird with a white collar?

The Red Robin was obviously not sure of the new guest. Since he is convinced that the garden is his personal property, he stepped up and made sure that the food was not wasted more than neccessary on this intruder. Let's take a closer look at this little landlord:

He is so small and yet one of the bravest among the songbirds in our garden.

Of course, what I like most about this little fellow is his colour! Even from a distance you can see his bright orange breast. Talking of which: How about some bright orange beads for a change?

The combination of orange and turquoise brings a slight Caribbean feel into our cold winter day...


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