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  • Sandra Bornemann

The wonderful world of Vittorio Costantini - Mondo Vetro -

Visit of the Musée d'Opale-Sud in Berck-sur-Mer, France

The Museum d'Opale-Sud in Berck-sur-Mer with its wonderful collection of maritime paintings of artists such as Tattegrain, Roussel et Chambon has a long tradition of combining classic and contemporary art. From September 14th until December 31 it is host to the exhibition "Mondo Vetro - Histoires Naturelles" with some of the most intricate and detailed work of Vittorio Costantini. Since we have been fortunate to meet the artist in person during our visit to Murano in February (see archive), Nina, Sally, Pat, Caroline and myself decided that we wanted to take the chance and visit the museum. Take a peek with us into the exhibition and enjoy Vittorio's wonderful world of sea creatures, birds and insects.

We are so grateful that Vittorio and his wife Graziella take their time to show us around. This has been an amazing experience!

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