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  • Sandra Bornemann

Stringer-work with Claudia Trimbur-Pagel

I really like Claudia's colourful beads with faces of children or little dogs. She also creates complex murrini (for the eyes) and combines these with fine stringer-work. Amazingly her stringers are of regular width but she still manages to achieve amazingly fine detail.

Most of Claudia's beads are made of opaque glass and feature an abundance of parallel lines, dots and swirls. The above bead holds two types of murrini. One that is completely melted into the bead so that it forms a flush surface (eye). The other one (feather) was made with a similar technique but was left to stay prominent on top of the bead's surface, allowing for more depth and a certain haptic effect.

The dog bead features various layers of opaque glass which helps create the thin line defining the dog's shape.

Thank you, Claudia, for the insights into your work. The workshop took place in Miriam Steeger's studio in Leende, Netherlands.

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