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Workshop with Lucio Bubacco - Day 3

This day starts with some practice on the men's torso. Lucio gives us some tricky bits to practice when he demonstrates a centaur. Especially the composition of the body and the correct posture of the legs prove to be a challenge. Inconceivable how detailed such a small statue can get. Just look at the bow and arrow!

Centaur by Lucio Bubacco


We then take a brake and pay a visit to Pino Signoretti's workshop where we witness the creation of a beautiful piece of art. The sheer size of the glass piece, the heat in the workshop and the forceful movements of the glass workers hovering the piece to and fro the furnace are breathtaking! Especially for bead makers who normally deal with comparatively small pieces of glass.

Pino Signoretto's hotshop

Pino Signoretto at work

The sheer size of this piece was unbelievable


After our return to Lucio's Studio we continue practicing and the meastro does a further demonstration of a goblet.

Unfinished goblet by Lucio Bubacco


We leave the Studio another time and pay a visit to Davide Salvadore. Before our very eyes the maestro and his team create a beautiful ancient musical intrument. And again, we are blown away by the size of the object and the dynamic of its creation.

Davide Salvadore working on one of his wonderful pieces

Some murrini cane awaiting to be used in the next project

Some of Davide's work - wonderful colours

What a wonderful and overwhelming experience!


Finally we leave Davide's studio and head to the Effetre warehouse. We get a good look at the incredible selection of canes and murrini. Unfortunately the minimum order quantities would not fit our luggage allowance...

Eventually we return to Lucio's studio and practice a little more. The day closes with a nice italian dinner. And while we savour pizza, olives and wine, we enjoy the company of Lucio Bubacco and Davide Salvadore who chat about their work and lifes.

What an inspiring day!

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