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  • Sandra Bornemann

Workshop with Lucio Bubacco - Day 5

The day starts with a look out of the window and onto the canal at Fondamenta Venier: Snow!! Unbelievable, but true. It is so cold that the surface of the canal freezes in some areas.

This day is the last day of teaching in our schedule. It is packed full of techniques, demonstrations and practice.

Satyr by Lucio Bubacco

Large relief bead by Lucio Bubacco

Lucio's last demo shows again that the devil is in the detail...Detail of devil goblet by Lucio Bubacco

This has been a fantastic workshop! We have learned so much and the location can honestly not be topped by anything...

...and I was quite chuffed by one of my resulting pieces...

#demos #colour #detail #Murano #Bubacco #masterclass


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