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Murano/Venice - Our touristic programme

Today we are going to visit Burano. The little island close to Venice that is known for lace-making and its picturesque colourful houses. We will not be dissapointed. Our trip starts at Murano's lighthouse, where colorful ducks of glass greet the travellers.

Some of the markings need repairing...

Soon we approach Burano. The houses are really colorful...

We stroll around and enjoy the wonderful weather. Though it is still freezing cold, the sun allows to take some nice pictures.

One of the little shops specializes in glass bonbons. A nice idea (I bet a dentist would like it).

...I wonder if I can resist those shops...

No matter where you look, there is colour everywhere...

...and many beautiful things to be found...

Before we continue our trip, we need to rest and have some unhealthy chips for lunch.

Sally Carver - Caroline Weidman - Nina Atkinson Severini

Eventually we leave Burano and head for the beautiful and tranquil island of Torcello. Torcello is a quiet and sparsely populated island at the northern end of the Venetian Lagoon. It is considered the oldest continuously populated region of Venice, and once held the largest population of the Republic of Venice.

We are immediately smitten by the beauty of this little place.

Wonderful, this day could just go on and on.

But eventually we decide to go back to Murano and walk through the shops over there.

Installation of glass art in the vicinity of Murano's Lighthouse - Murrini

Another lovely day is over and we return to our appartments.

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