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  • Sandra Bornemann

Murano/Venice - Last day

So this will be the last day our our journey. We decide to spend most of it in Venice. Again, we are lucky to have another sunny but cold day.

Our short boat trip takes us to the north of Venice and we do not have to search for long until we find the shop of Maestro Vittorio Constantini. He welcomes us into his studio and invites us to have a look at his fabulous collection of glass insects, fish, birds and other animals that he has created over the last years. After explaining how he works and which projects he likes the most, the Meastro demonstrates the creation of a butterfly.

We finally leave Vittorio's shop at lunchtime and decide to have some nice pizza.

Our ensuing walk takes us past the Rialto bridge and the market and back again to StMarc's Square.

The city is packed with tourists and we spot a lot of the famous carnival masks.

We are fascinated by the detailed work and skilled craftmanship that goes into these costumes.


Since this is the last evening of our "journey into glass", we are going to spend it together with all the other students in Lucio Bubacco's workshop. Our special guest for tonight is Davide Penso!

This is a great evening and we all agree that this journey was a perfect combination of intense tuition in a wonderful environment! I would like to thank everyone who made this trip possible!


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