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  • Sandra Bornemann

Workshop with Lucio Bubacco - Day 2

Our second day starts with some details that need to be practised in order to manage the larger pieces. We watch how legs can be made using different techniques. In addtition, we see how to achieve the correct proportions of a torso...

Female torso by Lucio Bubacco, deep black soft glass by Effetre

...and, of course, the human hand.

Hand with curlicue by Lucio Bubacco

(This piece was very interesting not just because of the perfect shape of the hand itself, but also due to the curlicue that finished it off.) We spent lunchtime in Carlo Dona's Workshop which proved to be quite a lampworker's paradise. A shopping spree for tools!

The afternoon flew by, packed with demonstrations and practice.

Unfinished Centaur by Lucio Bubacco

Finally the day ended with a visit of glass master Pino Signoretto, who also joined us for diner.

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