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  • Sandra Bornemann

Masterclass with Angela Jarman

An exciting workshop on glass casting. Angela Jarman's pieces are very inspiring and some of her work is on display in the V&A.

After having experimented with glass casting on a very small (jewellery related) scale it is amazing to experience the process on a much larger scale.

Just a few hours into the workshop it dawns on me that I am going to be hooked to this process. The range of possibilities and the precision and control over the material glass opens up a whole new playing field to me. Unlike in lampworking the amount of tiny details that can be translated into the material seems endless.

The liquid gelflex needs to be handled with utmost care as it melts at 140-160 degrees C. The resulting piece will be cut in half after cooling and will serve as a mould for wax. Depending on the size and detail of the mould this will allow for a few wax pieces to be produced, thus making it possible to produce several copies of the original. Since gelflex can be reused it seems the material of choice when it comes to working on a budget...

The chaos on my table shows that I had a lot of fun making all those samples...we will see where this process will lead me...

Thank you Angela for an insightful and captivating start into a new technique. And thanks to the Glass Hub in Wiltshire for organising this masterclass.

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