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Inspiration from Outer Space

When looking for inspiration you would normally think of sources that can be found in the vicinity of your workshop or, at least, in an accessible distance. Well, I had a closer look at some of my father's wonderful deep sky fotos. I was immediately hooked to the intricate patterns that can be found in outer space...

For example the M45 nebula:

Or the M33 galaxy:

I think you will agree that the virtual chaos and dynamic in these pictures speak for themselves. You can almost grab the inconceivable power of nature with your own eyes.

The next step would be to scale this sensation down and capture it into a little piece of glass.

Since I do often work with silver-glass this seemed to be the best choice of material. Silver-glass, due to its chemical properties, allows the creation of iridescent and bizarre patterns.

The colors that are most appealing to me are, of course, the countless hues of blues and greens that can be achieved.

Let's look at some of the results:

I am not sure about the colors, but I am convinced that the patterns relate very closely to what I see in the pictures that were taken from far beyond our own galaxy...

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